The Story Shop is a whimsical,
independent children's bookstore.


Discover a selection of new publications & classic favorites, for everyday reading & continued treasuring.

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We offer toys for imaginative play,
as well as merchandise inspired by
the books we love.



Want an unforgettable setting for your next party or event? Choose our unique Celebration Room!

Story Time

Story Time: A half hour program each day where we read a chosen book aloud followed by an experiential element from the book. Story time is directed toward children ages 5-9, but all are welcome. Story Time is complementary.

Toddler Time: A slightly shorter program geared toward a more wiggly crowd, Toddler Time is Thursday & Friday mornings at 10:30 am.

Volunteer to read with us.

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Special Events

The Story Shop hosts at least one book-themed special event per month. Special events are offered for the littlest ones, grown ups, and everyone in between.

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Book Club

The Story Shop Book Club is for our middle grade readers and participation is decided by parental discretion. Upon registration, the participant will receive a copy of the book and background information about the book and the author.

Book Club is an experience, bringing the book to life through sight, taste, smell, etc., and meets once per month to discuss the chosen book. An extra meeting may be arranged for a field trip to a book related exhibit, play, or experience.

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Field Trips

Bring your class or afterschool group to the shop!

Let's arrange a private story time for your group. Cost is $2.00 per child. Choose from a theme below or, with at least a week's notice, we can create a theme based on what your group is currently studying.

Themes: Fairy Tale, Dr. Seuss, Superhero, Teeth, Books about Books

Contact us for more information or to schedule your field trip.

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